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Antonius Felix
Acts 24:27 But after two years Porcius Festus came into Felix' room: and Felix, willing to shew the Jews a pleasure, left Paul bound.
Antonius Felix
Judean bronze prutah minted by Felix. The date stamp (between the crossed palms) indicates the 14th year of Claudius' reign, which was also the year of his death. The other side is ominously inscribed with the name of Claudius' last wife, Julia Agrippina, who poisoned him.
Flavius Josephus , was a 1st-century Jewish historian. His works give an important insight into first-century history.
Lives of the Twelve Caesars - Suetonius, was a prominent Roman historian and biographer.

Antonius Felix
Marcus Antonius Felix was the ancient Roman procurator of the Judaea Province from 52-60 AD. Felix’s cruelty and licentiousness, coupled with his accessibility to bribes, led to a great increase of crime in Judaea. To put down the Zealots he favored an even more violent sect, the Sicarii ("Dagger-men"), by whose aid he contrived the murder of the high-priest Jonathan. The period of his rule was marked by internal feuds and disturbances, which he put down with severity.

The apostle Paul, after being apprehended in Jerusalem, was sent to be judged before Felix at Caesarea, and kept in custody for two years. On returning to Rome, Felix was accused of having taken advantage of a dispute between the Jews and Syrians of Caesarea to slay and plunder the inhabitants, but through the intercession of his brother, the freedman Pallas who had great influence with the Emperor Nero, he escaped unpunished. Porcius Festus succeeded him as procurator of Judea

Josephus mentions both Felix and Porcius Festus
"Yet did Felix catch and put to death many many of those imposters, every day, together with the robbers. He also caught Eleazor who had gotten together a company of robbers; and this he did by treachery.

He bound him and sent him to Rome. Felix also bore and ill will to Jonathan, the high priest, because he frequently gave him admonitions about governing the Jewish affairs"
Josephus - Antiquities of the Jews - Book 20 Chapter 8:5

Acts 24:27 But after two years Porcius Festus came into Felix' room: and Felix, willing to shew the Jews a pleasure, left Paul bound.

Seutonius and Tacitus (Roman Historians) Also Mention Felix
"Claudius was equally fond of Felix, giving him the command of cohorts and of troops of horse, as well as of the province of Judaea; and he became the husband of three queens."
Seutonius - Lives of the Twelve Caesars - Claudius 28

"Not equally moderate was his brother, surnamed Felix, who had for some time been governor of Judaea, and thought that he could do any evil act with impunity, backed up as he was by such power."
Tacitus Annals - Book 12

"The emperor therefore made Judaea a province to be governed by Roman knights or freedmen. One of these,
Antonius Felix, indulged in every kind of cruelty and immorality, wielding a king's authority with all the instincts of a slave." Tacitus Histories Book 2

Porcius Festus
" Now, when Porcius Festus was sent as a succesor to Felix by Nero, the proncipal of the Jewish inhabitants of Casarea went up to Rome to accuse Felix."
Josephus - Antiquities of the Jews - Book 20 Chapter 8:9

Acts 24:27 But after two years Porcius Festus came into Felix' room: and Felix, willing to shew the Jews a pleasure, left Paul bound.

Acts 23:24 And provide them beasts, that they may set Paul on, and bring him safe unto Felix the governor.

Acts 24:24
And after certain days, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith in Christ.